It’s officially on between Ted Cruz and a “Star Wars” actor after this brutal tweet

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

He should’ve taken note of how often people go up against Jedi and lose, but he didn’t.

Senator (and former candidate for president) Ted Cruz recently tried to educate Mark Hamill — who played Luke Skywalker in the original “Star Wars” trilogy and reprised his role in the new films — on last week’s vote to end net neutrality.

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The 3-2 FCC decision along party lines ended an Obama-era rule that forbade internet service providers from charging different amounts of money for different types of internet content or to different internet users. Essentially, net neutrality forbade companies from discriminating in how they provided services, similar to a public utility, not a private company.

Mark Hamill commented on the issue with a tweet slamming FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai’s video, which was interpreted by many to be a tone-def and mocking response to legitimate concerns about the future of the internet.

Hamill said Pai was “profoundly unworthy [to] wield a lightsaber” because “a Jedi acts selflessly for the common man… NOT lie [to] enrich giant corporations.” Then, without prompting or invitation, entered Ted Cruz, immediately misspelling Hamill’s name wrong (and tagging an innocent Twitter user) before telling him that Net Neutrality was the work of Darth Vader.

Hamill’s response was swift and brutal, calling out Cruz for “spam-splaining” the issue to him and misspelling his name — which was right in front of him.

Hamill, too, couldn’t resist a final humiliation of Ted Cruz — “Maybe you’re just distracted from watching porn at the office again” — that references someone, possibly Cruz himself, “liking” a porn tweet from Ted Cruz’s Twitter account in September. The pornographic tweet in question was sent by an account called “Sexuall Posts,” and featured a video we cannot repost here.


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