It’s so cold in Ohio right now that a woman froze a bubble — and we can’t look away


If you’re anywhere in North America right now — at least in the top part — you’re probably freezing. And if you’re in Canada, you might be experiencing temperatures colder than the arctic.

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One woman in Ohio managed to capture a video that shows just how mind-blowingly cold it really is. Sherill Carey in the heartland state proved how cold it really is with only her camera and a bubble.

There isn’t much on the internet in terms of “frozen bubbles” aside from a lot of pretty pictures. But a semi-official looking blog, Steve Spangler Science, lays out the how-to for those of you looking to make your own icy sphere.

It’s best to use dish soap for the little wonder of nature, and if you can, you should probably try to use one of those nature-friendly brands that won’t end up killing off rogue squirrels.

Depending on how cold it is where you live, it might take a little while for your bubble to turn into a crystal. And, it’s probably a good idea to film the freezing process on a time-lapse if you can (most iPhones have a time-lapse setting); that way you’ll be able to watch the transformation from bubble to dreamy globe in only a few quick seconds.

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