It’s so hot in Arizona right now that things are literally melting out of existence, and the pictures are incredible Twitter/ColeXXII - Instagram/mikey_tafessy
Twitter/ColeXXII - Instagram/mikey_tafessy

It’s hot in Arizona — like really hot.

In certain areas, temperatures have reached 120 degrees. Planes can’t fly because of the heat, letters on street signs are melting away and at least one garbage can has melted.

Here are a few pictures that tell the story of the damage.

This mailbox is bowing to the heat.


Rule #1: Don’t touch anything metal.

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This poor dog’s feet suffered serious burns.

And, here’s a melting trashcan

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Yeah, the letters on street signs are just disappearing into the furnace.

Of course, people are frying eggs on sidewalks.

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