Jake Tapper, host of CNN’s “State of the Union,” called out President Donald Trump for a promised “report” timeline that has now come and gone.

Earlier this year, BuzzFeed released a controversial dossier on then President-elect Donald Trump, which alleged a series of scandalous details about his supposed indiscretions.

Many of the items in the dossier, if proven true, would have proved extremely problematic for the president, especially his alleged interactions with Russia.

Trump vigorously denied the entire dossier on Twitter, calling them “phony allegations” and “made up facts.”

The dossier was also widely panned by many news outlets as being unsubstantiated.

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Following the dossier’s release, Trump promised to have a full report on hacking “within 90 days,” writing, “[R]eleased by ‘Intelligence’ even knowing there is no proof, and never will be. My people will have a full report on hacking within 90 days!”

Ninety days have now come and gone, and no report has been issued by the Trump administration, so Tapper decided to remind President Trump that he didn’t keep his word. The CNN host posted a simple reply to Trump’s original tweet.

“Today is day 90,” Tapper wrote on Twitter.

We’ll have to wait and see if the report ever comes.

Jake Tapper calls out President Trump for a promised deadline that has now come and gone Getty Images/Slaven Vlasic
Elizabeth Vale is a contributor for Rare.
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