Jeffery Epstein Reportedly Sent Letter To Pedophile Doctor Larry Nassar From Prison

A new report from CBS News reveals that deceased billionaire human trafficker Jeffery Epstein sent a letter to U.S. Olympic Doctor Larry Nassar, who was later convicted of child abuse spanning decades.

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Nassar is currently serving 60 years in prison, being found guilty on several felony counts of criminal sexual conduct in several different states. Some 156 survivors of Nassar’s abuse testified in his trials.

Epstein, of course, “committed suicide” in one of the most secure federal holding facilities in existence.

CBS News is now reporting that Epstein attempted to contact Nassar via letter from his prison cell just before “committing suicide”, showing a connection between two of the most prominent abusers of children in America. That report reads…

In another email, a high-ranking Bureau of Prisons official made a spurious suggestion to the agency’s director that news reporters must have been paying jail employees for information about Epstein’s death because they were reporting details of the agency’s failings – impugning the ethics of journalists and the agency’s own workers.

The documents also provide a fresh window into Epstein’s behavior during his 36 days in jail, including his previously unreported attempt to connect by mail with another high-profile pedophile: Larry Nassar, the U.S. gymnastics team doctor convicted of sexually abusing scores of athletes.

Epstein’s letter to Nassar was found returned to sender in the jail’s mail room weeks after Epstein’s death. “It appeared he mailed it out and it was returned back to him,” the investigator who found the letter told a prison official by email. “I am not sure if I should open it or should we hand it over to anyone?”

The letter itself was not included among the documents turned over to the AP.

Yet another connection between elitists committing vicious and evil crimes against children. These people are true evil!

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