Jennifer Aniston Keeps Proving She Is The Best. Just The Best.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Filmmaker, podcaster, and author Joe Pardavila has some shining words for Jennifer Aniston. Apparently, she took time out of her busy day on set to talk to him for a full twenty minutes. This was after her bodyguards already turned Pardavila away.

In Pardavila’s new book, Good Listen: Creating Memorable Conversations In Business And Life, he details the encounter.

He’d been sent to interview Aniston while serving an internship with Scott & Todd in the Morning on 95.5 PLJ. Aniston was filming Picture Perfect and Pardavila arrived on the set in Midtown Manhattan. It was 1997, just three years after Friends made Aniston one of the biggest A-listers in Hollywood.

Jennifer Aniston’s Bodyguards Weren’t Having It

Pardavila claims that Aniston’s bodyguard, “saw me and sensed what I was about to do. He made a beeline straight for me.”

The intern subsequently tried his best to assuage the sketchy vibe by speaking in a “soothing and innocent tone” through his radio mic. “Hey, I only want to ask Jennifer a couple of questions, that’s all,” he said.

The bodyguard allegedly replied in a not-soothing-or-innocent tone that it wasn’t going to happen. At that point, Jennifer Aniston quickly popped out of her trailer to say she couldn’t talk and then disappeared in her trailer again.

America’s Sweetheart Had A Change Of Heart

Pardavila immediately returned to the radio station. But then Aniston had a change of heart.

“Jennifer Aniston had her assistant call the front desk at PLJ to say Jennifer felt badly about what happened,” claims Pardavila. “Better yet, she’d be happy to do an interview with the morning show.”

The book continues to say that Aniston “talked for twenty minutes with us about the movie she was making, her time on ‘Friends,’ everything you’d want to talk about with Jennifer Aniston.”

Awwww. Yep, America’s Sweetheart is still the sweetest.

You can get Pardavila’s book, Good Listen: Creating Memorable Conversations In Business And Life, from Amazon, Kindle, and Apple Books.

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