Jerry Springer, the former host of one TV’s original tabloid-style talk shows, which was named after him, may be ready to jump back into politics. One of his closest friends informed the Cincinnati Enquirer on Wednesday that he is considering a run for Ohio governor.

Rumors have persisted for months that Springer might run, but those have been met with denials. However, it appears now he’s giving it serious thought after he reportedly asked some Cleveland Democrats if he was too late to enter the Ohio governor’s race.

“There have been those who have asked him to run for governor, and he is considering it and will decide that pretty soon,”  said Northern Kentucky’s Jene Galvin, a co-host of a weekly podcast with Springer, according to the Enquirer. “He’s about done figuring it out, but he had to give some serious thought to it first.”

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Springer has sought the advice of Sen. Sandra Williams, a leader in the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party, and Democratic Reps. Janine Boyd and Stephanie Howse.

On Tuesday night, Springer spoke to a large crowd gathered for a Democratic fundraiser at Cleveland Heights’ Nighttown, a jazz club and restaurant. He did not bring up his possible entrance into a crowded gubernatorial race but rather used his speech to focus on encouraging the party to have a message that appeals to Democratic values, Williams told the Enquirer.

Springer tried his hand at politics before diving into shock TV. His political career includes a failed run for Congress in 1970 and an unsuccessful bid to be Ohio’s governor in 1982. In between, he served on Cincinnati’s city council and resigned in 1974 amid a prostitution scandal. In 1977, Springer served as mayor of Cincinnati for a year on a rotating basis.

Jerry Springer appears ready to make leap back into Ohio politics Jay LaPrete/Getty Images