Jimmy Fallon Shares Parents’ Worst Home School Fails During Coronavirus

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With the Coronavirus outbreak keeping kids out of their private schools and public schools many a bewildered and wildly unprepared parent have become accidental educators for their newly homeschooling offspring.

The impromptu homeschools that have sprung up at kitchen tables across the country might not be the worst part about the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s easily one of the most embarrassing. There aren’t many indignities greater for a parent than not being able to teach your 11-year-old math and then having them get on social media and blast you for it.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, a parent himself whose own kids have had to deal with some at home school, knows all too well how much parents are suffering in their attempts to not just help their kids with their schoolwork but literally make lesson plans and teach it to them. (At least art class is probably easy?)

Fallon collected some of the best stories about homeschool and distance learning gone wrong by asking fans to share them on Twitter with the hashtag #HomeSchoolFail. Within minutes of asking the topic was trending. No doubt there are a million stories (and counting) about homeschooling fails across the country. The results did not disappoint.

Thank God I don’t have kids. I couldn’t handle waking up every day to teach them stuff I barely remembered. I mean, I’d be okay at English I guess but Algebra would send me into a self-esteem tailspin. Just watching them lose more and more respect for me every equation I got horribly wrong.

I feel especially for the parents whose kids are high school. A homeschool mom who doesn’t feel like dealing can’t pretend she doesn’t smell cigarette smoke on her kid when the kid’s literally going outside to the garage to sneak smokes. Plus the backtalk has got to be brutal.

Parents are the unsung heroes of this pandemic.

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