“You’ll have true happiness and fulfillment not living to get, but living to give,” tweeted Texas televangelist Joel Osteen earlier this year.

The televangelist pastor has a massive congregation — so much so that his “Lakewood Church” in Houston is a 16,800-seat arena that was once the Compaq Center. But Osteen and Lakewood Church are attracting criticism from people who say “living to give” doesn’t include giving refuge to people displaced by Hurricane Harvey flooding.

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Osteen has cancelled services since Hurricane Harvey made landfall. But the church has stayed locked up — not because of damage to it, either, according to TMZ and the New York Post.

Charles Clymer posted photos of Lakewood Church, which appears to be weathering the storm just fine.

Instead, the building — which, again, holds over 16,000 people — is closed because surrounding high water makes the building “inaccessible.”

That’s according to spokesperson Donald Iloff, who spoke to the New York Post. He added that those seeking shelter should head to the Brown Convention Center, which is already operating as a temporary shelter.

“It’s amazing what they’re doing there the make people comfortable,” he said.

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