Judge Napolitano predicts the news many are fearing for President Trump

Andrew Napolitano appears on the "Varney & Co." program on the Fox Business Network, in New York, Monday, April 11, 2011. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

On Friday morning, former Trump aide Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to federal investigators and many political analysts predict that the charges indicate that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe is closing in on The White House — among the voices with that opinion was Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Sandra Smith was hosting “America’s Newsroom” on Fox when the news on Flynn broke. She was upbeat when Napolitano called in, chirping “Judge Napolitano, get in here! We need you to tell us what is going on!” But the atmosphere turned somber as the political analyst broke down the news. Napolitano was blunt in his assessment, saying “I think this is probably the tip of a prosecutoral iceberg,” adding “it’s a nightmare for Donald Trump because General Flynn was his constant companion on foreign policy and national security matters.”

But the judge did offer a ray of hope for the Trump faithful, pointing out that “whatever testimony General Flynn provides is coming out of the mouth of someone that the government itself has acknowledged is unworthy of belief because he’s pleaded guilty of lying to the FBI.”

In fact, on Friday morning, Napolitano was the go-to guy for Fox anchors hoping to make sense of the charges against Flynn. He also spoke on-air to Stuart Varney of Fox Business on “Varney & Co.” The host opened by asking “the significance here seems to be that, maybe, him pleading guilty opens the door–the pathway directly to President Trump. Is that the case?” Napolitano responded point blank, saying “I think that probably is the case.”

The retired judge offered the following breakdown to Varney:

Since you’re a numbers guy Stuart, let me give you some numbers. If General Flynn had been charged and convicted of all of the crimes for which the government says it has evidence against him, he would have been facing 60 years in jail … As a result of the guilty plea this morning, that’s been reduced to somewhere between six and twelve months — now, that enormous reduction doesn’t come easily, it comes when you give the government something that they desperately want.

He went on to suggest that there are a few things that Flynn could have offered the government in exchange for the plea deal, most notably, “knowledge of the behavior and communications and interactions of people in the Trump campaign with the Russian government in the time period June 2015 until the president’s election.”

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Napolitano also added that there is more coming from Flynn, explaining that “once he pleads guilty, we will see a written plea agreement — a document somewhere between five to ten pages in length — which will tell us what the general has agreed to do and what the government has agreed not to do to him in return for what he’s going to tell him.”

Though the latest Flynn development seems like a bombshell, many political junkies saw this coming last week when Flynn’s attorneys distanced themselves from Trump’s legal team. Originally, the lawyers were unified against the special counsel, sharing information that would protect their clients, but when Flynn’s attorneys pulled out of the deal, we assumed that they were cooperating with Robert Mueller’s probe.

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