Judge Rules Elephants Are Not People, Which Shouldn’t Be News But Bees Are Now Fish, So…

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A lawsuit to protect an elephant’s right to be brought before a judge, was rejected by a court of appeals. The Nonhuman Rights Project,  argued that Happy the elephant is unlawfully imprisoned.

She was sold to the Bronx zoo over 4 decades ago, by her captors, at only 1 years old. The activist group’s claim, that she is being held captive, was rejected by the court of appeals. Happy’s intelligence was key to the argument made by her lawyers.

Since, the only other mammals with self-awareness are apes, dolphins and humans and elephants demonstrate emotional intelligence just like humans. Some research even suggests elephant’s are experiencing PTSD in response to violence at the hands of humans. 

Two of the 7 judges in the court of appeals agreed that Happy is an intelligent being and should be protected by the same rights as humans.  

The majority of judges felt finding in her favor would negatively affect zoos and captive animals everywhere.  One judge foresaw “an enormous destabilizing impact on modern society.”  

The group’s goal was to move Happy to a larger enclosure. So, we can be grateful those judges didn’t vote in favor of improving the conditions of captive animals at the distress of zoo owners everywhere.

Who were the two judges that voted for Happy’s freedom?  I don’t know but they might be in better company with lawmakers in California who decided bees are now fish.

This clarification, although more confusing than clarifying, was also decided in a court of law. This time lawmakers found in favor of the fish; I mean bee.   

By categorizing the bee as an invertebrate, which is true bees do not have vertebrae, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife are now called to take action to protect the endangered species

If bees had remained bees in California, they would still be endangered but no government agency would have to do anything about it.  

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