‘Just Stop Oil’ Activists Interrupt Wimbledon, Met With Intense Booing


Play at Wimbledon was halted temporarily as activists sporting “Just Stop Oil” shirts stormed the court, as the crowd booed and mocked them.

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Along with storming the court, activists threw orange confetti on the grass, forcing officials to partake in a brief cleanup. These activists are obviously starved of attention!

“Just Stop Oil” activists are funded by an organization called Climate Emergency fund and are backed by American comedian Chelsea Handler and actor Jeremy Strong, known for his role as Kendall Roy on HBO’s Succession.

This marks the second such disruption of a sporting events from eco-activists in two weeks, who stormed the field of play during a cricket match before being removed not only by security, but also some of the athletes.

The “Just Stop Oil” movement has been exclusive to the U.K. to this point. Activists have also disrupted traffic. Each time, the general public has reacted unfavorably — with some of the protests being met with threats of violence.

The people obviously have no interest in political stunts. Why must the Left drag their deranged politics into every single aspect of life?

When will the Left realize that the people of the world have no interest in their political stunts?

What do you think?

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