Man Gets Prison for Yelling Racial Slurs While Kicking a Toddler in Grocery Store

(Sedgwick County Jail)

A Kansas man and former male model has been sentenced to two years and eight months for kicking a toddler while shouting racial slurs and other obscenities at the child while inside a grocery store.

Trace Riff of Wichita, Kansas was sentenced to 32 months in prison for the horrifying incident, which occurred at a Dillons grocery store in December of 2018. According to police Riff kicked a 1-year-old toddler in the back while the child’s big sister was walking him around the store. The kick caused the toddler to fall to the ground. Riff then began to shout racial slurs and other obscenities at the toddler. A fast-acting Dillons employee quickly tackled Riff to the ground and a group of Dillons workers held Riff there until police could arrive.

The boy was not seriously hurt.

Riff was originally charged with ethnic intimidation, simple battery and resisting arrest.

Riff’s prison sentence, however, also stems from another incident that occurred shortly after the toddler assault at Dillons, during which Riff was found in a vacant apartment by police and charged with meth possession and use of toxic vapors. On May 19th Riff entered a plea deal on charges of attempted aggravated battery, disorderly conduct, unlawful use of toxic vapors and possession of meth.

Riff has a prior conviction for battery against a law enforcement officer.

According to local Wichita, Kansas news anchor Shane Ewing, Riff was once actually a male model of some repute, appearing in photos with Gisele Bundchen, one of the world’s most famous and successful supermodels and wife to NFL star Tom Brady, a six-time Super Bowl champion and three-time league MVP with the New England Patriots, and the current quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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