Kansas School District Cuts Classes to Four Days a Week, Implementing Three-Day Weekend


Kids in a Kansas school district may be overjoyed that classes have been cut to four days a week, but for parents, it’s apparently no picnic.

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Now, those parents will need to find daycare for their children on Mondays.

That’s right, there will be no school on Monday — any Monday — for kids who attend Argonia Public Schools, giving them an extra day off. So now school will run from Tuesday-Friday of each week (from 7:50 a.m. to 3:45 p.m., to be exact).

That’s great for kids. But for parents who work outside the home … well, it may be giving them a case of the Mondays.

That is something that was addressed by Argonia Superintendent Rustin Clark.

“One thing we did do, is we have day care available on Mondays for parents that have to work five days a week,” Clark said, via KSN.

An ariel view of Argonia High School. (12News)

Daycare is $25 for the day, and includes lunch. So that’s actually not too bad of an idea. And you can’t help but wonder if other districts around the US will begin following a similar plan.

“I think it’s better for the kids, absolutely. They have more time to be kids,” one parent told KSN. “I mean, the school day is a little longer, but personally, if you’re going to sacrifice anything, it should be a little more of the day to learn a little bit more, so they can have more time to be kids.”

What do you think?

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