Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig are the craziest cat ladies on “SNL”

Meet the team from Whiskers R We, only on "SNL."

“A cat is a friend with fur.”

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“A cat is a pillow that hugs you back.”

“Cats are the croutons on the salad of life.”

“A cat is an angel that poops in a box.”

“So come on down for our Thanksgiving ‘catacopia’ giveaway here at Whiskers R We.”

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“Ghostbusters” co-stars Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig (who was hosting) play the wonderful duo of Barbara DeDrew and Furonica (“Like Veronica, but how a cat would say it.”) in this amazingly insane sketch from last night’s “SNL.” The two friends and proprietors of the titular feline emporium then showcase a collection of adorable kittens like they’re hosting a terrible cable access show, and it’s one of the funniest sketches of the season.

“Alan is a Himalayan,” says McKinnon as DeDrew. “You can find him-a-layin’ on the couch.”

Or Carl. “We’re mad at Carl right now, because he’s been very naughty,” says Wiig. “He clawed up my sofa, and then he voted for Jill Stein.” Pause for the laugh. And then, “He’s a little asswipe.”

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Just wait until the last cat the friends show off, an echo from the Winter Garden theater. Now and forever.

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