Kate Winslet Reveals How Leonardo DiCaprio Felt Like a Husband More Than Her Real One

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Titanic fans have long wished for Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio to fall in love in real life, and the actors aren’t helping assuage this feeling. The two became best friends after a grueling months-long job on James Cameron’s international sets. Since then, they’ve continued to stay in touch. And now Winslet is saying DiCaprio once felt more like a husband than her real one. Confusing!

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio Played Husband and Wife in Revolutionary Road

Speaking with GMTV about Revolutionary Road, Winslet addressed her “husband” Leonardo DiCaprio. Winslet wasn’t given much room for interpretation — the host literally said, “your husband, Leonardo DiCaprio.” He was of course referring to Leo’s character, Frank Wheeler, husband of April Wheeler, Winslet’s character. The film is a 1950s period drama which centers around the couple as they struggle with marital problems as parents. The film garnered Winslet and DiCaprio a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress/Actor, of which Winslet ultimately won.

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“My husband,” Winslet repeated. “He feels more like my husband than my real husband… I have to say. I’ve been talking about him so much. I have to say, we got very very lucky that we both responded to this material in the way that we did.”

“You know, we’d wanted to work together again since Titanic. But we’d never really found something,” Winslet continued. She proceeded to explain her creative process with Leo as something akin to what a married couple would aim for.

Kate and Leo’s Real-Life Bond Is Tight, Considerate, and…Kind of Like How Spouses Should Be?

“You know, things had come along. Or Leo had sent something to me and said, ‘I like this, what do you think?’ And the same for me. And we just never had found that one thing that we both settle on. We were very, very lucky.”

Before you read too far into this, consider the fact that Kate Winslet’s husband at the time was Sam Mendes. He produced and directed the film. While Leo and Mendes haven’t been notoriously close, Leo himself walked Kate down the aisle at her next wedding to Ned Rocknroll. So, while we all want to immediately associate his and Winslet’s onscreen chemistry to real life chemistry, they’ve always kept each other at some kind of a distance.

“It was one of those situations that um… I had to kind of handle it carefully because I was so excited by the possibility of Leo and Sam,” Winslet explained. “It was like a pressure cooker. I had to keep the lid on everything and just hope for the best. It was sort of a dream that I didn’t dare to dream.”

Asked if she had to sort of slide the idea into her husband’s head and then step back, pretending it was Sam’s idea, she disagreed.

Kate’s Ex-Husband Sam Mendes Directed Revolutionary Road. Is That Weird?

“I was just very lucky when Sam read it and he said ‘yes, I think I would love to direct this film,” said Winslet. “And very, very happy that he did.”

Kate Winslet noticeably keeps clearing her throat at this point in the interview.

“I was very thrown by some of the moments on this film where Leo and I, you know, we have some very passionate pieces,” Winslet continued. “And Sam is standing right there. And you know, you just have to get on with it. You just have to hope for the best. But it was okay. You chuckle your way through.”


If you’re hoping that the Revolutionary Road or Titanic dynamic, or any other kind of love story, will eventually arise between Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, don’t hold your breath. The two have a close and intimate bond but it’s always been at a distance.

They previously used to talk about sex, but while very young, in their Titanic days, and like they were at sleepaway camp. And they used to flash each other, but it was to be annoying. Winslet has previously also claimed that Leo hated kissing her, which he said wasn’t true. But ultimately, the sad truth is that the two are very close in age. And everyone knows that Leo has a history of preferring women under the age of 25. And Winslet is 47.

But we can all dream, right?

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