Keith Olbermann hurled two f-bombs at a Fox News host over his Las Vegas response

Left: YouTube/Fox News; Right: Twitter/@KeithOlbermann

Warning: This article contains coarse language. 

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Well-traveled media man Keith Olbermann, now GQ’s special correspondent, tore into Fox News host Howard Kurtz on Monday after Kurtz urged people not to politicize the Las Vegas massacre while also acknowledging that “gun control is a legitimate issue.”

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Olbermann decided to drop multiple f-bombs on Twitter in response to Kurtz, also calling him a “Fox whore.”

“How about a day without a FING GUN MASSACRE, you fing Fox whore?” Olbermann tweeted, partially in all caps.

Olbermann also criticized President Donald Trump’s response to Las Vegas and said “2nd Amendment Bulls**t threatens each of us.”

Kurtz followed up on the “strong pushback” on Twitter.

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He also addressed it on TV later in the day and said “Let’s wait a few hours, a day for the country to mourn, to grieve, to know the story of what happened before we start getting into the partisan politics.” Kurtz also said this is a position he’s consistently taken over the years.

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