Kentucky court clerk Kim Davis inspires naughty novella Ty Wright/Getty Images

Defiant Kentucky county court clerk Kim Davis is the inspiration behind a steamy novella just released on Amazon. Davis was briefly jailed for denying marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Author Lilith St. Augustine’s erotic novella, “Kim Goes to Jail: An Erotic Story,” rips elements of Davis’ story from the headlines. The novella is described as “satire meets sexy” and a “timely tale of faith, prejudice, incarceration, danger and sexual discovery.”

The main character, Kim (of course), is a small-town woman who gets tossed in jail due to a dispute over religion and sexuality. While locked up, Kim befriends her cellmate and thus begins a “scintillating tale of first-time lesbian sex.”

St. Augustine told The Huffington Post that the novella is an “opportunity to poke fun” at those who use religion to deny other people their rights.

The 45-page novella is available as a Kindle eBook.

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