Kim Jong-un’s best buddy Dennis Rodman is in trouble with the law — again

Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images, AP Photo/Wong Maye-E

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Kim Jong-un whisperer and former NBA standout Dennis Rodman is in trouble with law again.

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The gossip site TMZ broke the news that Rodman was pulled over for a traffic violation late Saturday night and ended up being arrested for DUI.

The arrest occurred around 11 p.m. in Newport Beach, Calif.

A Rodman rep told TMZ on Sunday morning that “alcoholism has been a struggle on and off for Dennis the past 15 years” and that he’s been experiencing “tough personal issues.”

The rep added that going back rehab would be recommended to Rodman.

Rodman has pleaded guilty and no contest to DUI in the past, and also faced charges related to a hit-and-run.

In his post-NBA days, Rodman has made headlines for increasingly bizarre statements about North Korea and its leader Kim Jong-un, who Rodman regards as a friend.

Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images, AP Photo/Wong Maye-E

Rodman has said that he believes Kim Jong-un is “for the people,” that “no one’s ever held his baby before but me,” that “Rocky” and “Dallas theme songs play for hours on end” and that North Korea “just want[s] people in America and the government to know they don’t hate Americans” and want to work with the U.S.

Rodman also said North Korea doesn’t look as communist as it did when he first visited.

“When I first went there it was so […] communist. Dry and dreary […] like ‘The Walking Dead.’ But the third time I went there, wow. [Pyongyang, the capital] changed a lot,” he said “[Kim] is building all these new condos and hotels. He built the largest water park in the world, a ski resort and this big bowling alley.”

Rodman infamously told a story of how he first met Kim Jong-un, wondering why people were bowing before “this fcker and crying for 25 minutes.

When asked if he was shocked by something he saw in North Korea, Rodman told this story:

It was only one thing. When I walked into that stadium [for the first game], I sat down, and this little guy walks in. The Harlem Globetrotters were playing, and I was sitting on the bench, and he sits right beside me. Seriously, I didn’t know who this f*cker was! People were sitting there kissing his hand and crying and giving their babies to him. I couldn’t believe these people—men and women sitting there crying for 25 minutes — and this kid’s like yay tall! They had this little chant and all the people were on their knees bowing down to this guy. That’s what shocked me right there. I’ve been around — I’ve seen a lot of leaders — but not like that. That’s how I actually met Kim.

In more recent times, Rodman acknowledged that Kim Jong-un “probably is” a “madman.”

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“It’s funny though, that I don’t see how people can sit there and say this person is a ‘madman,’” Rodman told Stephen Colbert, of all people. “He probably is, but I didn’t see that. He probably is,” he added.

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