Las Vegas Woman Accused of Hiding $12,000 Rolex In Her…Genitals


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

There are multiple methods used by thieves to snatch jewelry, but when they do, they need a place to hide them. Well, one Las Vegas woman got particularly creative in this department, when she hid a stolen watch in her genitals, per TMZ.

Let’s just say it took a moment for the cops to find the watch, and leave it at that.

Sarah Richards, 33, also got creative when it came to stealing the watch in the first place. Per reports, she was allegedly cuddling with a man in a Vegas hotel, when the man says she secretly took off his Rolex and placed it under a pillow.

No, an actual pillow.

Sarah Richards Accused of Hiding $12,000 Rolex In Her Genitals

She kept the watch hidden there, police reports say, as the man requested she stick around for drinks. she obliged as she allegedly attempted to figure out how to get the watch out of the room.

When the man noticed the watch was missing, he said, he confronted Richards, who apparently went into a panic and left. He followed her all the way to the lobby, reports said, before alerting security. Police eventually arrived and did a full body search. And we do mean full.

Once the watch was discovered, police placed it in a biohazard bag, they said.

But when it comes to Richards, it appears this is nothing new.

“Richards took another person’s watch in June and was in Las Vegas for a Monday court date for the same crime, police said,” wrote 8 News Now. “Records show she was charged with theft and residential burglary in June.”

As far as we know, there is no surveillance video of Richards stealing the watch in the room. And we can all probably thank our lucky stars for that.

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