Laughing Gas To Be Banned After Becoming Second Most Common Drug for Teenagers

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If you want something to help you let out a good laugh, you’d better hurry, because time is running out. Pretty soon, it will no longer be a gas, baby.

More accurately, England is considering banning nitrous oxide, known as “laughing gas” in many circles, as it has become one of the most commonly used drugs among those ages 16-24, per the government.

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Videos by Rare

Generally, it is used for patients who are about to undergo some type of surgery, both dental and otherwise. But now, it’s become popular on the street.

Laughing Gas To Be Banned

Side effects tend to include dizziness and loss of memory, and it can even be fatal if inhaled directly from a can.

Laughing gas is already when it comes to selling it as a street drug, but the latest legislation against would involve banning direct consumer sales of the product as well. By all accounts, medical offices would still be allowed to use it as needed. Same goes for chefs, who use it for whipped cream.

Per The Times, the primary reason behind a ban would be to tackle “antisocial” behavior.

The term “laughing gas” was actually coined by British chemist Humphry Davy in the early 1800s. Along with its anesthetic and pain-reducing effects, it can be found in both aerosol sprays and rocket fuel.

Soon, though, those may be just about the only places it can be found.

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