Immigration hardliner Laura Ingraham sounded the alarms on her Fox News show “The Ingraham Angle” on Wednesday following what she deemed to be a disturbing performance by President Donald Trump during bipartisan talks on shaping immigration policy, including the fate of DACA and the building of a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

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During the opening of her show, Ingraham asked if the president’s “core supporters should panic” following, as she called it, “his powwow with a number of pro-amnesty congressional leaders.”

She appreciated that Trump “reiterated that the wall and ending chain migration was a prerequisite for any deal on the so-called dreamers.”

But then Ingraham sensed troubling, saying, “But not so reassuring was when this went down.”

Then came a clip of Sen. Lindsey Graham telling the president, “You turn on Fox News, and I can hear the drumbeat coming. Right-wing radio and TV talk show hosts are going to beat the crap out of us, because it’s going to be amnesty all over again.”

“And then,” Ingraham said, “the president basically seconded that motion.”

Trump, with arms folded, responded, “Thank you, Lindsey. That’s very interesting, because I do have people that are, let’s just to use a very common term, very far right and very far left, and they’re very unhappy about what we’re doing. But I really don’t believe they have to be.”

Ingraham commented, “Excuse me? Lindsey Graham hitting Fox News? That’s nothing new. But the president hitting the far right? That’s adopting the language of his fiercest critics on the left and many in the open borders crowd. Pretty surprising.”

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“The president has to remain loyal to his supporters and to his agenda, the one he ran on, the one that won all that applause and rave reviews and all those rallies where people stood in line in hours in the cold,” Ingraham told her audience. “And he has to be willing to walk away — yes, walk away from a bad deal, just the way Reagan walked away from a bad deal with the Soviets at Reykjavik.”


She also gave a dire warning to Trump:


This deal could decide the fate of the country. I’m going to wait to see what the final DACA proposal looks like. But if it does not include a wall — a real wall, not a see-through wall — expect a political revolt from the base, which means losing the House and maybe even losing the Senate. … He promised them a wall, a big, beautiful wall. And unless it’s built, unless chain migration is ended, I fear [Trump’s] most ardent supporters will write [him] off as just another politician who said something he didn’t mean. And that would be heartbreaking.

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