Leah Remini fired some huge shots at Scientology, including a rape accusation (Photo by Richard Shotwell Invision/AP, File)
In this Jan. 14, 2014 file photo, Leah Remini arrives at the 2014 UNICEF Ball in Beverly Hills, Calif. Remini is talking about Scientology and Tom Cruise in a new interview with ABC’s “20/20.” The actress says in a clip released Monday, Oct. 26, 2015, that “Being critical of Tom Cruise is being critical of Scientology itself.” (Photo by Richard Shotwell Invision/AP, File)

Leah Remini’s documentary “Scientology and the Aftermath” premiered on A&E Tuesday Nov. 29, and the church has some serious explaining to do. In the first episode of her eight-part series, the former “King of Queens” actress ripped the already-smeared cover away from the Church of Scientology and leveled some devastating allegations.

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The actress spoke with Amy Scobee, who said she joined the cult at the age of 14 and eventually ran the “Celebrity Centers.” Scobee said she was coerced into sex by her 35-year-old boss; saying, “He had me stay back when everybody else left, and basically we had sex. This was statutory rape, and I was too afraid to tell anyone about it.”

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David Miscavige, who has been the leader of the church for several years, was not exempt from scrutiny in the documentary. Scobee (who was featured constantly in the first episode) said that Miscavige was physically abusive to members who didn’t toe the line.

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Remini also revealed the level of brainwashing that the church inflicts on members. She said that they constantly tell parishioners that everything beyond Scientology (books, newspapers, television networks) is lying and that the reason these outlets bash Scientology is that they want to keep people ill.

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