10-Year-Old Texas Hero Who Made Masks for Hospitals Dies in Accident

via Facebook: McCauley-Smith Funeral Home

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Videos by Rare

The coronavirus has taken over almost the entire world’s full attention, but it is tragedies like these that remind us that life is still continuing as it always has. Lexi Collins, an incredible 10-year-old girl from Texas who spent countless hours during lockdown making face masks for health care workers, was killed in an ATV accident.

Lexi Brooke Collins was a fifth grader at Munday Elementary in Munday, Texas, known for giving attitude and loving heart. KTXS television had just honored her for her face masks on April 6, as she made use of her time during quarantine to make 100 of them for Anson General Hospital.

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According to Munday City Councilwoman Karen Logan, Collins took after her mom, grandmother, aunt, and uncle who are all nurses. “Lexi was a remarkable child. She was bright, talented, wise beyond her years, but overall had the most precious spirit I’ve ever know. She was always smiling,” she says.

This loved Texas girl will still be honored, but in accordance to the rules of social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. A candlelight vigil will be held on Sunday at Centennial Park, followed by her funeral at Scuggs Field, all in Munday. At the candlelight vigil, people are asked to bring their candles, flashlights, and/or cellphone lights, and the plan is to gather on the sidewalk while standing at least six feet apart. On McCauley-Smith Funeral Home’s facebook page, Collins’ obituary states that anyone who attends any of the events to honor her must wear a face mask, practice social distancing, and self quarantine for 14 days afterward.

The citizens of both Munday and Benjamin are tying turquoise ribbons (her favorite color) around trees to remember her. Munday Elementary will also hold a memorial that people can bring notes and flowers to her family. And in Centennial Park in Munday, a bronze statue will be built in her Collins’ honor. If you would like to help contribute to the memorial, you can also buy a turquoise t-shirt that says “Live Like Lexi.”

And really, I think we can all learn a little more about living like Lexi.

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