‘Little People, Big World’ Farm Still For Sale, If You Are In The Market For 109-Acres

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

If you have $4 million at your disposal, you may be able to buy the farm made famous in the TLC hit reality show Little People, Big World.

No, seriously.

The story is about the Roloffs, with the farm being the main setting. And in 2022, Matt Roloff put at least a portion of the farm up for sale. So far, there have been no takers — as it remains listed.

Matt Roloff/Instagram

Now, it doesn’t seem as if you can yet purchase the whole 109-acre property. Only 16.46 acres are for sale at the moment. But hey, you’d get to live among the Roloffs. For your 4 million bucks, you would also receive a home that features:

  • Five bedrooms.
  • Six bathrooms.
  • NINE attached garages.
  • Full appliances.
  • An in-ground jetted tub.
  • And an in-ground swimming pool.

But wait. There’s more.

“The property also includes a number of ‘whimsical installations,’ according to the listing, including a ‘full-scale pirate’s ship, a western town complete with a jail, bank, sheriff’s office, general store, hotel, and blacksmith’s shop modeled after Knotts Berry Farm, and a German-inspired medieval castle,'” per Distractify.

So why don’t the Roloffs just keep it? Well, perhaps they could use the dough. Or at least, more dough. After all, it seems that no one in the family can afford the property.

“The price that my dad’s quoting is more than I can afford,” Zach explained during the Season 23 premiere of LPBW. “I had a starting point, and it was based on what my dad bought my mom out for. This amount was very, very high. I can understand there’s some appreciation. But he went beyond, I think, the normal appreciation. I said no to my dad, and he’s not used to people telling him no.”

Home on Roloff property/courtesy Zillow

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  1. He built the property up to this point. Divorce was ugly as most are but he bought out his wife so it’s his to do as he wishes. These kids act like he should let them have it for the family. 4 million seems like a fair price. I would pay that if I wanted to move from the ocean but I’ll pass for now.

    • If you look at all the Matt Roloff clips he pushes the family aspect and that he wants them there. This was about money and he could care less if the family retains the farm. His words did not match his actions.

  2. The kids have an emotional attachment to the property. It’s not always about money yet in this case it would seem elder Roloff may have a bit of either dementia or lack emotional bond to family. If a child is hurting the elder “FATHER”, should try to resolve issues like a real man which he is not!

  3. Omg if you follow the show is I do you know that this is just the way Matt is. Not that his way is bad but his decisions could effect his sale. I agree with Zack in the price issue as his brother also tried to purchase and that didn’t happen either. It’s not about the money, this is family history! Amy should have gotten more then or maybe not sold out at all. Good for her though not having to deal with it. It is sad to watch as I feel for them. Matt you could have made a sale on it and had your family living there and helping and enjoying your grandkids. It’s your loss, I hope the money is worth it to you. Good luck to the family in whatever life brings. I will continue to watch and see.

  4. One word for him, SELFISH! You screw you wife with the sale because she thought he’d be fair in offering it to their kids, and he ends up taking 3 million more.
    Shame on him!!! His kids wanted to carry on the name of the farm and this is what he does? Selfish and arrogant!

    • I agree 100 percent. Amy was very fair on her price, thinking one of the kids would get it. Matt is all about the money NOT family. Karen trys to say she has no say in it, lmao she talks out of both sides of her mouth.

  5. Unfortunately I think Matt’s girlfriend Caryn had far too much input. She had no business being involved in the dealings with the Roloff kids. Personally I think they both have a lot of balls considering they are both home wreckers.

  6. WTF….it’s his house ..,.his bills and his decision. and as the saying goes…”he who makes the gold …rules”. People need to MYOB and realize no one gives a flying f what you think.

    • Zach is acting like an entitled brat. His dad paid plenty to build this farm up, and has every right to ask for more than Zach offered. Now he’s being a baby and is mad at his dad, ruining their relationship, because he thinks Matt should accept a ridiculous offer cause he’s family.

  7. Amie should have sold it to one of her kids and not Matt. If Matt really wanted to keep the house in the family he should have sold it for what he got from Amie. I can’t see Matt not being able to sale it to a stranger and not have issues with the new owner doing what he pleases so close to him on his property.

  8. The way it sounds to me is Matt is letting his woman tell him what to say and do . It is like Matt is not man enough to talk on his own. Also it is like Matt still what’s everything his way and only his way. He still wants to control and run the kid’s life. Matt is a control freak.

  9. Zach is acting like an entitled brat. His dad paid plenty to build this farm up, and has every right to ask for more than Zach offered. Now he’s being a baby and is mad at his dad, ruining their relationship, because he thinks Matt should accept a ridiculous offer cause he’s family.

    • No way Mary. Zack worked hard on the farm and had every right to expect his father to sell the portion of the farm to him at a price that Matt purchased it from Amy. Matt is the one that always said he wanted the farm as a legacy for his children and grandchildren until he became involved in a relationship with Caryn. She seems to be running the show and the kids have to live with it, can you say gold digger girlfriend.

  10. Matt smells money and as long as he is alive will enjoy it. Who would buy 16 acres for 4 million and all the work to maintain Matt dream? My guess Matt is being written out of show and focus is on Chris, Amy, Zach and family. It is leading the viewer to shift onto a new Little People Big world without Matt & his girlfriend.
    Time for a change and who cares what Matt does with his life. If the bickering with money, Matt can give it all away and not bother to give any to his own children.. Would Matt think about doing this? In a heart beat since Money is more important than family and his actions speaks louder than his words. How does Jacob fit into this scheme. Will he be written into the next stage of Little People or will he be a farm hand employed by dad & Girlfriend? Good ???? Stay tuned.. or I can be wrong and the show will be cancelled.. that is reality tv for you😅😅😅

  11. I think Karen wears the pants in their relationship Matt needs a care giver and she fills that role for him so she needs to paid well for it and he knows it. She may marry him only to to get more $ nothing else. Amy & Chris have the true relationship and I think Matt & Karen are jealous .Matt is all about control and $$

  12. Karen tells Matt what to do and has for many years with their affair. No one knew they was having a affair until the momma rolled found our about then started to try and better herself with starting a business. Matt tried to blame her on having affair 1st but she didn’t. Matt didn’t like the truth about anything or accept the blame in anything going on in the family. Matt always downed Zach but he was the one that work hard on the farm while all the other kids went to college. The plan was for Zach to take over the day to day operations of the farm but Matt would throw a temper turmtam. But Matt’s girlfriend had plans on taking over the farm and has talked Matt out of letting Zach run the farm. Been watching this for years. I feel for the kids because it their inherentce , not the newly spouses/girlfriends

  13. Why does amy have any say. She got here money out of it. She expected Matt to past it to the kids. She sure didn’t think about that when she got hers. Now Matt should do the right thing while she sold here part.

  14. Wow! Caryn should not have spoke in the meeting. She is not family yet and should have no say so in making the deal. Sounds like Matt needs to grow some coconuts and it appears Caryn means more than his own flesh and blood. So sad that families like this have to go through this. Shame on Caryn and Matt. Family is always first not a girlfriend you are not married to first. She had NO RIGHT in calling the meeting saying this is over. That is Matt’s responsibility not hers. I AGREE TOTALLY WITH ZACH AND TORI!!! Who knows how the deal went with Jeremy and Audrey. Now the grandkids won’t have the fun their parents had. Shame on Matt and Caryn!

    • I totally agree with you Kimberly. Matt and Caryn are home wreckers and now Amy is somewhat being forced into a relationship with them due to her husband Chris pushing the issue. I hope she stands her ground and stands up to all of them. Caryn is loving being part of the tv show, in fact she has somewhat taken over and Matt encourages it. They will reap what they sow and may end up having limited relationships with family due to their greed.

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