Teacher Busted for Having Sex with Teen Student While Her Kid was Home

Zachary Police Department

A Louisiana science teacher ended up with exactly the results she should have expected after an experiment gone horribly predictably.

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34-year-old Northwestern Middle School science teacher Ellarea Silva turned herself in to police after allegations surfaced that she was carrying on a sexual affair with a 15-year-old student. Silva and the student had sex eight or nine times, according to the allegations, all at Silva’s home, and all while her child was present in the home.

Silva is also accused of sending the student nude photos and videos of herself, as well as possibly providing him with a vaping device for smoking THC (marijuana). Northwestern Middle School, which is located in Zachary, Louisiana, placed Silva on administrative leave on January 24th.

At one point, presumably because he felt like a god-king and wanted to let the pathetic underlings at his school masquerading as his peers to know their true place — at his feet — the student told Silva that he wanted to go public with their relationship. Silva, on the other hand, was like, “You know what? I’m just now realizing that all of this has been an unspeakably terrible mistake PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT.”

One way or another, however, the news did find its way to the school’s administration and, then, the police. Because it always does. Silva is now facing charges of indecent behavior with a juvenile, felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile, and oral sexual battery.

A couple things here:

1. At home? With your kid there? Good God, say goodbye to any potential sympathy from a jury or judge. No one is going to feel bad about a backstory you and your lawyers crafted to make you seem more sympathetic when you left one kid alone to finger electrical sockets while the other one did the same to you.

2. The kid wanting to go public with their relationship is truly hysterical.

Watch: Special Ed Teacher Sentenced to Probation for Sex With 2 Students

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