MAGA Bar Owner Who Uses Anti-Asian Slur Insists She’s ‘Not A Racist’

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Videos by Rare

Holly Tinch, owner of Holly’s RoadKill Saloon in McLeod, Montana, is currently under fire after she made some racist remarks. Tinch previously referred to COVID-19 as the “Ch*nk flu” in a social media post.

But, in an interview with KTVQ, she insisted she wasn’t racist. “I’m not a racist person at all. And if you think that I am, that’s your problem, not mine,” she stated. “You want to call me an Irish name, have at it. Ask me if I care, I don’t. I’m going to stand by my First Amendment and my Second Amendment and the rest of them.”

Despite what she believes, the First Amendment only applies to governmental actions, and not to behavior by private companies, private employees, or private non-government individuals. This is unless they are first worked in concert with the US government.

Holly Tinch Facing Backlash

As expected, her social media page for the bar was flustered with bad reviews since she first uploaded the media post. But, she hasn’t stopped feeding more comments to her audience. Outside in front of the bar, she put up a sign, reading, “Warning: Does not pay well with liberals.” She also complained online about how people had “decided to call the bar, write sh*t on Billings Service Group (FB) because I said Ch*nk flu.”

As expected, the comments didn’t sit well on Twitter with several users bashing Tinch.

“Meet racist Holly Tinch, who owns Holly’s RoadKill Saloon in McLeod, Montana (only 2 stars on Yelp) & doesn’t care if people are offended by her posts. She refers to COVID as the “Ch*nk flu” in her social media posts,” one user wrote.

Another person tweeted, “I’m not a racist” is almost invariably said by someone who is a racist.” Another wrote, “This is a shameless, trumped-up styled attempt at attention—from ethnonationalists she wrongly has presumed there is some vague plurality of in an otherwise rational America. We must disabuse this sociopathy of its relevance in November.”

Twitter Goes Wild

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