Male Nurse Allegedly Caught With 700,000 Obscene Photos of Unconscious Patients on Cellphone

Grand Junction Police Department

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Two former patients are suing a hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado, alleging they were drugged, sexually assaulted and photographed by a male nurse during their stay.

The nurse, Christopher Lambros, 61, was employed at St. Mary’s Medical Center and arrested in October for three counts of sexual assault, per Grand Junction police records, via The Star. Police reportedly made the arrest after another nurse saw Lambros taking pictures of a patient’s private parts.

According to the lawsuit, Lambros allegedly had 700,000 photos and 65,000 hours of video on his cellphone that were related to “drugging” and “sexual touching” of patients dating back to 2016.

The lawsuit alleged that Lambros administered medication to his two victims before stripping them and sexually assaulting them, recording himself in the process.

While Lambros has been charged in connection to the incidents to two victims, there are four total, three of whom have been identified, said Daniel P. Rubinstein, district attorney in Mesa County, Colorado, in a statement.

Christopher Lambros Arrested

Grand Junction Police Department

“The case is set for a return in January, as we are still investigating,” the statement says. “We cannot comment on what evidence we have, and also cannot speculate on what we may find.”

One of the victims said she was in intensive care on June 24 and 25 when Lambros sexually assaulted her, and that she had “foggy” memories of the event. She was released on July 2.

“(She) has suffered severe emotional distress because of the assault and invasion of her privacy,” the lawsuit says. 

Lambros assaulted the second victim July 9, taking multiple photos and videos, per the suit. A hospital employee allegedly saw him photographing the patient and lying with his head on her “bare stomach,” the lawsuit says.

Investigators said Lambros can be heard whispering the following into a video, “Don’t ever get rid of these videos. You need to keep them forever. This is your Dexter collection.”

Dexter is a television series based on a blood spatter expert and serial killer.

Meanwhile, the hospital itself is under fire for not discovering the alleged crimes as they happened.

“The sheer volume of data collected by Lambros shows that he engaged in sexual misconduct and invasions of privacy related to his patients on a regular basis…,” the lawsuit says. “Given the frequency at which Lambros engaged in these acts, his conduct was or should have been apparent to Defendants St. Mary’s, SCL Health, and Intermountain.”

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    So that leaves the only option suitable, he must be executed!!

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