Cereal Killer Accused of Murdering His Wife With Heroin-Spiked Cheerios Via MLive
Via MLive

A Michigan man has been charged with murder five years after the death of his wife, Christina Ann-Thompson Harris. According to authorities 44-year-old Jason T. Harris was arraigned on charges of first-degree murder, solicitation of murder and delivery of a controlled substance for spiking his wife’s cereal with heroin in September 2014.

After investigation, authorities believe the 36-year-old didn’t die from a heroin overdose as originally thought. Through a news conference, Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton stated the Harris intentionally put the heroin in his wife’s bowl the night before she died. Christina immediately dropped the bowl while eating it, and passed out on the living room floor.

A medical examiner changed the woman’s cause of death from “accidental overdose to homicide” following a lengthy investigation that was conducted when relatives question the findings, saying the mother wasn’t known to use drugs. Jason Harris’ siblings also went to the police on October 2014 to report that he made a statement about “getting rid of Christina.”

Harris also sought out drugs that were tasteless and odorless after trying to put Xanax pills in her water but she refused to drink it after tasting it. He had allegedly given his wife reason to suspect “something was going on.” Leyton stated the loving mother of two had told a friend that if something were to happen to her, to look at Jason.

Harris’ coworkers told investigators he told them he wanted to avoid divorcing his wife of 11 years so he wouldn’t have to make child support payments or worry about custody. Instead, the cereal killer asked a colleague to kill his wife for $5,000 after a hitman he had wound up getting arrested. Harris was fired from his job after testing positive for drugs multiple times.


After investigating the case further, authorities found that Harris had bought a ticket for a flight to Rhode Island to meet up with another woman, just nine days after his wife’s death after collecting $120,000 in life insurance.

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