Man Arrested For Stealing Sausage Rolls Killed Himself After Police Incorrectly Label Him Pedophile on Release Papers

Brian Temple was arrested for stealing a packet of sausage rolls at a British Bakery chain back in 2017. Months later he killed himself after the police mistakenly said he tried to have a sexual relationship with a 13 to 15-year-old.

The 34-year-old from Redcar, a seaside town in England, received release papers from the police after his arrest that read instead of theft, that he was arrested for “engaging 13-15 year old in sexual activity.” Not knowing about the error, he gave the papers to his then girlfriend.

She read the mistake, and not knowing it was a mistake, started spreading the incorrect information. As a result Temple started receiving verbal and physical abuse. He reported the abuse to the police, but this didn’t stop his torment.

Following the attacks he started to drink and use of drugs

Following the attacks Temple started to drink and use of drugs. On New Year’s Eve in 2017, almost seven months after the alleged theft, he committed suicide. The toxicology report following his death revealed that he had alcohol, traces of cocaine, anti-anxiety drugs and a sleeping pill in his system when he died.

His brother Paul was the one who found his body. The brother was sent to check on him due to concerns from the family after not hearing from him for a day.

A two-day inquest heard all of the details surrounding Temple’s death. Coroner Bailey ruled that Temple’s death could not be proved to be a suicide. This because he hanged himself under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The coroner instead ruled that he was found “hanged under influence of alcohol and drugs.”

Cleveland Police offer our deepest sympathies to the family of Mr. Temple

After the inquest was completed, the Cleveland Police released a statement offering up their sympathies. They did not, however, apologize for the mistake.

A force spokesperson said, “Cleveland Police offer our deepest sympathies to the family of Mr. Temple at this incredibly difficult time. Following the tragic death of Mr. Temple, Cleveland Police have implemented changes to the information people are given on release from custody and we have been fully engaged in the inquest process.”

The coroner also concluded that the Cleveland Police were not required to produce a “preventing future deaths report,” because they have already implemented changes to their system that generates release papers.

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  1. Figures! Authority figures and institutes can get away with pretty much anything in Europe, as well as other foreign countries outside the United States. At least in America they can be held accountable and sued. Not in Europe. You will never find an attorney to take your case.

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