Man Dancing on Top of 18-Wheeler Dies After It Passes Under Houston Freeway Overpass

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

One horrifying stunt went awry led to a man’s death on the US 59 in Houston, Texas. A 25-year-old man had somehow gotten atop an 18-wheeler and was dancing while filming himself underneath a series of freeway overpasses. Video captured by Grizzy’s Hood News and posted to Facebook showed the man’s final moments.

Man Was Captured Dancing On Top of Moving 18-Wheeler on Houston Freeway

The truck driver allegedly had no knowledge that there was someone dancing on the top of his truck. The driver was questioned by police but released. He was not found to be intoxicated or impaired in any way.

The dancing man could be seen on the top of the truck, which said RAPID on the back. The man ducks under one freeway overpass and then the video stops just before it appears that his head may bash into the Tuam Street Bridge. He appeared to be recording himself while he was dancing.

Police say that the man immediately fell off the truck and into oncoming traffic. He was taken to the Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. His death was attributed to multiple blunt impact injuries.

Houston Police Department spokesperson Jodi Silva said that the driver had no idea when the man got on top of his truck.

“We haven’t had a case like this in quite some time,” Silva said of the incident.

The Public Is Wondering If He Was Having a Mental Health Crisis

Under Grizzy Hood News’s post of the video, comments showed a mix of shock and humor. While it’s not funny at all, it’s actually both disturbing and very sad, many were wondering what the guy was thinking. Why would a man be dancing on top of an 18-wheeler while driving on the Houston freeway?

“He’s dead. What on earth was he thinking!? Was he trying to make a video before killing himself either intentionally or accidentally?”

“I feel like maybe he was having a mental health crisis and deserves compassion. I’m sure his family is devastated.”

“Such Tragic Stupidity!!!! Social Media ..Likes and Views makes you lose all common fkn sense ! So sad. DONT BE LIKE THIS GUY.”

“I fell (sic) sorry for his family and also him for ultimately being the sole reason that his family will no longer get to see him anymore…but we have to STOP doing these stupid and dangerous things just to impress the internet and people that you don’t even know with these crazy stunts.”

That last person has a point. No selfie is worth dying for. Prayers to this guy and his family.

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