In a plot that you would only expect to find in a Hollywood film, a man faked his own death to catch his wife in the act of plotting his murder — and all with the help of the police. Whoa.

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Boxing coach Ramon Sosa thought he’d married the perfect woman, but it turns out that after six years of marriage, his dream girl wanted a divorce. But instead of going to court like other sane people, Maria “Lulu” Sosa hatched a murderous plan to kill him off. She hired a hitman to kill her husband for just $2,000. Little did she know, her assassin Gustavo was actual a former friend of her husband who let him in on the plot, reported The Sun.

“I knew him, because I’d coached him. He’d been in trouble in the past. At first, when he called and said he needed to see me, because someone ‘wanted to kill me,’ I thought he was joking,” Ramon said.

Ramon and Gustavo created their own plan to catch Lulu in the act.

Ramon said, “After recording his meeting with her, where Gustavo pretended to know two hitmen, we took the tape to the police, who were shocked – but came up with a great plan. They asked me to pretend to be dead, so we could show the pictures to Lulu.”

The pair joined forces with local law enforcement and the FBI to fake a scene that looked like her husband had been shot in the head. The authorities then buried him in a shallow grave in the Texas desert.

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The “widowed” Mrs. Sosa “apparently laughed” after seeing being shown pictures of a “murdered” Sosa, according to her husband. In an interview with Houston’s Fox26, the couple were only a month out from finalizing their divorce. He told the news network that financial issues were responsible for the strain on the relationship.

All Maria Sosa had to do was wait out a divorce, but it seems her quest for money couldn’t overcome her impatience. Her sordid plan — which is eerily similar to the movie “Gone Girl” — was all for nothing, because now her husband is still alive, she’s out two grand and she’s serving twenty years in prison.

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