Evil Man Hangs Veteran’s Support Dog for Barking too Much

Manatee County Sheriff's Office

If that headline reads like a mad lib trying to describe the vilest way someone could punch their ticket to hell… that’s because it might as well be. It’s a random, horrific crime but thankfully the soulless lunatic who perpetrated it is already in custody.

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38-year-old Florida man Robert Leroy Edwards was renting a room in a home in Manatee County, Florida that belonged to disabled Navy veteran Richard Hunt’s adult son. Hunt’s emotional support dog, a black lab named Midnight, was also living on the property. Early Wednesday morning Edwards decided to let the world know he was an irredeemable monster and, upon becoming annoyed with the dog’s barking, he attacked it and strangled it to death with an electrical cord.

Edwards then attempted to get Hunt’s other son, a 16-year-old boy, to help him ditch the dog’s body. The kid, however, was more or less like, “You mean my dad’s service dog? You murdered my dad’s innocent animal and want me to help you hide it? JESUS CHRIST HARD PASS YOU SICK TRASH.”

So then Edwards punched the kid in the face. Hunt’s adult son came outside just after and Edwards attacked him too. Eventually, the police came, arrested Edwards (who based on his mugshot got a few deserved shots to the face but not nearly enough), and found Midnight’s body in the family’s boat.

Edwards was arrested for battery, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and torture, the latter of the three being a felony. Animal cruelty was recently made a federal felony so those charges could be tossed in as well.

Here’s hoping Edwards gets sent to a prison full of incredibly jacked dog lovers. Maybe, like, a prison with a gang of way too hardcore PETA members who got locked up for trying to bomb an Arby’s.

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