Man honors his late father by eating all of the food from the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy


Whenever we lose loved ones memories of the good times and the love we shared flood our minds.

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A year after his father’s death, author Nate Crowley and @Glitter_brawl honored his dad’s memory by non-stop marathon watching the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy and preparing a 14-course meal inspired by the various fixings enjoyed by characters in the movies.

That’s more than 11 hours of movie watching.

Simply put, this was one epic tribute.

“So at 6am, @Glitter_brawl & I are going to start a back to back marathon of the 3 LOTR films (long versions), and I’ve prepared a 14 course ‘meal’ to reflect what gets eaten on screen,” he tweeted. “Dad died a year ago, and this seemed by far the most reasonable way to commemorate that.”

This was the menu: tea and cake, cheese and jams, apple, bacon and mushrooms, “probably sausages???”, lembas bread, stew with taters, Gollum fish, Orc power drink, assorted meats, salted pork and preserves, “Hail the victorious dead”, Denethor’s grim dinner, Grond and petit fours.

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Crowley went on to share photos and videos of this grand meal.

The Tolkien Society recognized this as a job well done.

Many on social media were moved by this and some shared thoughts about loved ones they’ve lost.

If you have stories of your own you would like to share we’d love to hear them.

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