Man in China Literally Dragged Out of Home For Refusing to Quarantine

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. And if you want to join ’em, no worries. They’ll force you to do so, anyway. One man in China learned this the hard way when he was dragged from his home after allegedly refusing to go to a COVID-19 quarantine facility.

A video obtained by CNN revealed the incident, where two individuals wearing Haz-mat suits were seen trying to pull a man right off his living room couch. He put up a pretty decent fight at first, the video showed.

Authorities later apologized, but only after the video surfaced.

Man Dragged Out of His Home

The man’s refusal to go willingly seems to be part of a larger issue in China. Where there suddenly is apparently a backlash over the government’s COVID policies.

“China has been seeing unprecedented protests over its strict ‘zero-COVID’ policy in recent days, with many people in other countries β€” like Japan and Germany β€” showing their support with their own demonstrations,” Yahoo News wrote.

More than two years since the pandemic became a thing, China remains under strict lockdown. This as the government aims to completely eradicate the virus. The Chinese government has released no data revealing whether the lockdowns have been effective.

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