Man Sets Incredible New Guinness World Record For Stacking M&M’s … With Seven

We have a new world record for tallest stack of M&Ms thanks to an Iraqi man named Ibrahim Sadeq.

Using special finger covers, extreme patience and “a mix of mind and body focus,” Sadeq stacked the chocolate candies in less than two minutes.

“People usually define it as a gravity-defying act,” Sadeq told Guinness. “I could possibly balance anything, but it gets really tough with light objects or liquids.”

He currently also holds the Guinness World record for the most balanced eggs on the back of the hand at 18 eggs. The record is also shared with Jack Harris.

For M&Ms, Sadeq beat the previous world record of six Brendan Kelbie completed last October, according to Guinness World Records.

According to the record keepers, “people at home thought such feat would be fairly easy to achieve, however, people who actually tried it know it takes months of practice to add one additional piece on the top of that stack.

“The title of the tallest stack of M&M’s® came to light in December 2016 when an Italian man named Silvio Sabba managed to balance 4 on top of each other. Tonnes of applications have been received since then with the aim to break this title, including one in November 2020 by 22-year-old Brendan Kelbie (Australia) who is a serial record breaker and managed to equal the title with 4 M&Ms®.”


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