Man Who Claims He Invented Email Applies to be Twitter CEO

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Despite everyone being up in arms, Twitter really hasn’t skipped a beat since Elon Musk took over. Basically, it continues to lose as much money as it did before Musk.

But one man says he could fix all that, if only he were Twitter’s CEO. So he applied for the job.

For the record, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is the man in question — and he also claims to have invented email.

Well, someone had to do it, so why not Ayyadurai?

As for Twitter, Ayyadurai used the platform to make his case to Musk, with Ayyadurai citing his multiple successful “high-tech software companies” as well as his claim of being “the inventor of email.”

New Twitter CEO?

Granted, Ayyadurai does indeed have four degrees from MIT, and that alone is impressive. He also does oversee multiple software businesses. But people aren’t so sure about his constant claims that he invented email in the 1980s.

In fact, many tech historians have called his email declarations “bogus,” or at best, “exaggerated.”

Meanwhile, Musk has yet to respond, at least publicly. He has said that whoever is hired as Twitter CEO “must like pain a lot” to run a company that is “in the fast lane to bankruptcy.”

Twitter was a financial mess before Musk bought it. He has enough money to lose and to try to turn it around, without really caring that it seems to be a dying platform. Maybe the person who invented email can assist in making it truly relevant again.

That is, if Musk can find the person who actually invented email.

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