Twin Babies Left to Die After Parents go on “Four-Day Drinking Binge”

Two parents have been charged with murder after going on a four-day lockdown drinking binge, leaving their 16-week old twins alone without food. Their baby son was in a coma and later died in the hospital after their “gravely emaciated” children were found by their grandmother. The couple’s daughter is now fighting for her life at a hospital in Russia’s Kamchatka region.

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The 23-year-old mother, Margarita Yanayeva, lied to her friends saying the babies were in the hospital due to the Coronavirus. But, she and her partner Alexey, 35, decided to leave the twins at home for four days. According to authorities, there’s son died from starvation and his twin sister is desperately weak in intensive care.

According to the investigators, “in the course of four days, they were not feeding the children and did not arrange alternative care for them.” Instead, the couples subjected both kids to hunger, did not ensure any hygiene, and left the minors in a socially dangerous state.

Luckily, the twin babies were found by their grandmother who became concerned after not being able to reach the couple by phone, despite their region being under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When she found the babies, she immediately called the police.

If convicted of the helpless twin boy, the couple could face up to 20 years in jail. The couple also faces charges over failing in the parental duties and subjecting their children to danger. Honestly, these two should just be convicted immediately and be left to rot in jail. In what mentality do you think it’s okay to leave two children, who can’t even walk or talk, alone while you’re out partying? These poor babies must have been so scared. This exactly why some people shouldn’t be parents. I get that you want to have fun, but this is not the way, selfish bastards. Have fun in jail.

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