Mark Cuban used to email with Donald Trump — here’s what he has to say about the Republican presidential candidate AP Photo

Billionaire Mark Cuban was once a supporter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, but it appears as though the tables have turned.

Earlier this week, he joked that perhaps The Donald was not in fact as wealthy as he claims. Thursday, he more intimately revealed the nature of their former communication.

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“He doesn’t actually email but his assistant would email for him, and so we developed a decent relationship,” Cuban told the CBS radio show “Brown and Scoop.”

“But once he got to the point where he beat Ted Cruz, it was time to start digging in and understand policies, understand where we stand in the world, digging in and understanding treaties, all the things he’s been talking about.”

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“He just stopped making any effort to learn, and that hasn’t changed,” the Dallas Maverick’s owner said. “And even when you talk to people around him, it’s like, ‘did he really try to make an effort to learn and we’re just not seeing it?’ It’s like, ‘no, we know who he is.’”

Last Thursday, Donald Trump formally accepted the Republican nomination for president.

Cuban once was a defender of the outspoken New Yorker, but has recently turned to trolling the candidate.

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