A 38-year-old married mother from Ann Arbor, Mich. who had sex with 14- and 15-year-old boys over the summer of 2016 was sentenced to four years and nine months to 15 years in prison on Monday.

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The details of the case against Brooke Lajiness were jaw-dropping. The woman, who called this “the biggest regret of [her] life” and was sorry for causing her family pain, initiated sexual relationships with the teens over Snapchat, sending them pictures of herself in the bathtub and performing sexual acts.

After this, the meetings started.

According to, Lajiness would drive to the homes of her victims late at night, park the car in the driveway, have sex with the boys and believed she was “helping” them.

An account of Lajiness’ first interview with Michigan State Police detectives laid out by the prosecution revealed that the woman had difficulty explaining how she was helping beyond “releas[ing] his whatever.”

“She explained that sex with the victim is not something she wanted to do, but she was helping him,” Assistant Washtenaw County Prosecutor John Vella said. “When asked to explain how she was helping him, the defendant had a hard time explaining, but stated she was helping him, ‘release his whatever.’ This is an incident that this is clearly a predator.”

Remarkably, Lajiness’ husband defended her in court, saying insomnia was a cause. Her lawyer later said insomnia medication and “significant psychological issues” were to blame.

The mother of the 14-year-old teen involved couldn’t believe that Lajiness didn’t see what she was doing as wrong.

“You made a conscious effort on several occasions to make arrangements to meet my son, sneak out of your house, start your car, leave your husband and children at home and drive to my son’s father’s house, back into the driveway between midnight and 4 a.m., wait for my son to run the driveway, commit a crime and leave,” the mother said in a prepared statement for the courtroom. “Did you know that this was wrong? Did you ever worry about the harm you were doing to my son?”

That mother said that, while her son is getting pats on the back at school from other male students, he’s been quietly struggling with the situation.

“Your actions will affect my son and his relationships with others for the rest of his life,” she continued. “The guys at school pick on him and say it’s cool that he had sex with a mom. My son shared with me that the guys at school have no idea what he’s been going through and how he struggles. He has had to stay strong in front of them.”

The mother also demanded that Lajiness be sentenced just like a man would be in the same situation.

For some reason, someone has created a Facebook page for Lajiness, referring to her as a public figure. A few photos of her appear there.

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Lajiness has pleaded guilty to a host of sex crimes.

These include: third-degree criminal sexual conduct for oral sex, third-degree criminal sexual conduct for intercourse, accosting a child for immoral purposes and furnishing obscenity to children.

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