Mass. College Student Dies After Falling From Airbnb Balcony in Cancun, Boyfriend Arrested

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A Massachusetts woman is being mourned after she tragically died in a fall from a Mexican Airbnb balcony. According to authorities, they arrested her boyfriend before declaring her death as accidental. Leah “Lee’ Pearse, a 20-year-old nurse assistant slipped and fell from a third-story balcony while trying to enter her Cancun Airbnb. The keys were reportedly locked inside after she and her boyfriend had returned from a day at the beach. According to an obituary, Pierce instantly died after falling from the balcony.

Pierce’s boyfriend, 21-year-old Augustine Aufderheide, told authorities the couple got into an argument before she tried to climb up the third-story balcony. Fox News Digital went on to confirm that the boyfriend was initially arrested as part of the investigation, but several reports say that he was later released and cleared of any wrongdoing by Mexican authorities.

Leah “Lee’ Pearse

Driscoll Funeral Home

“For the past two years, she was the happiest we have ever seen her, living her independent college life in Boston, hanging around with her fabulous group of Simmons friends, and falling deeply in love with her amazing and ever-loving boyfriend Bobby (aka Gus or Augustin),” the obituary read. 

“She was an outstanding individual who encompassed the full range of human emotions with such depth and compassion for others that her presence was bright and brilliant for all who knew her,” it continued.

Massachusetts General Hospital, where Pierce worked, also provided a statement to, saying she was a vibrant part of the hospital’s transplant unit.

“Her positive energy, creativity and thoughtfulness won the hearts of MGH’s patients and staff,” the statement read. “Our community will come together in the coming days to honor Leah’s memory.”

The tragedy comes months after three Americans were killed by suspected carbon monoxide poisoning while they were staying at an Airbnb located in Mexico City. Airbnb hasn’t responded to a request from any news outlet. 

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