Massive Boulder Crashes Through Hawaiian Home, Narrowly Misses Woman Inside

Hawaii is viewed as a pretty rare place, but that’s mostly based on its breathtaking beauty and amazing weather.

But it also has some mountains, and mountains can mean falling rock — as one family found out. More specifically, a woman named Caroline Sasaki was walking in her Honolulu when a five-foot boulder came barreling through.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

First, the gigantic rock scraped the family’s car, plowing through a cinderblock wall outside before making its way through the living room and into a bedroom. The entire incident was captured on the home security camera — showing that the 5-by-5 boulder barely missed Sasaki.

Boulder Crashes Through Hawaiian Home

Three others were in the home, along with Sasaki, and all avoided injuries.

“I heard the loud boom, and apparently, the boulder passed right in front of me, which I didn’t know,” she told Hawaii News Now. “I didn’t see it. All I heard was the boom and then somebody asking me if I was OK.”

As of Monday, the boulder remained in the home as repairs and cleanup had yet to begin. Many homes in Honolulu are surrounded by walls, in some shape or form, to keep this from happening. But clearly, this was no ordinary boulder and was traveling at a high rate of speed.

“Basically, I’m in shock,” Sasaki told ABC7. “I refuse to look at the videos, so I — I’m not sure how close — but everybody’s telling me I’m lucky. God is with me.”

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