Maxine Waters whipped a crowd of women into a frenzy to chant “impeach 45” in Detroit

Twitter/@President1Trump, DAY 92 - In this April 21, 2017, file photo, President Donald Trump poses for a portrait in the Oval Office in Washington after an interview with The Associated Press. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

At the Women’s Convention in Detroit on Saturday California Rep. Maxine Waters took aim at President Donald Trump, saying that he “has no respect for women” and starting an “impeach 45” chant that at least one person in the audience said “was so powerful” that she’s “still shaking.”

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Waters began her speech at the convention by addressing sexual harassment and the #MeToo campaign, saying “Keep your nasty comments away from us … Keep your hands off our backs and our g**damn bodies. We’re not going to take it anymore.”

After this, Waters shifted her attention to the president, The Detroit Free Press reported. 

“This president has no respect for women,” she said.

From there, Waters began the “impeach 45” chant, which has since made the rounds on multiple social media accounts.

Multiple women at the event were interviewed afterwards by the Detroit Free Press.

Laura Chapman of Vermont said she “loved” the impeach chant so much she was “still shaking.”

“I loved how she called Trump out and I loved how she encouraged women to speak out and led us in an ‘impeach’ chant,” she said. “It was so powerful to hear thousands of women chant ‘impeach.’ I’m still shaking.”

Janice Kellogg of San Francisco, Calif., praised Waters’ no-filter approach.

“She’s truth out loud. That’s what she means to me. She doesn’t hold back. She has no fear. She’s for truly letting her filter go,” Kellogg said.

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Waters has called for Trump’s impeachment since as early as February.

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