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They say a king can’t be a king without the strength of his queen. For the notable A-lister Richard Gere, that queen is Alejandra Silva. She may be much younger than Gere, but she’s also the momma to two of his children and a longtime friend. Meet Richard Gere’s wife, Alejandra Silva (Alejandra Gere), the beautiful Spanish publicist and activist whom we are only so lucky to spot by his side.

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Alejandra Silva Was Raised in Madrid, Spain

Alejandra Silva was born on February 16, 1983, which means she just celebrated her 40th birthday. She was born in Galicia, Spain, but was adopted by Ignacio Silva and his then-wife, Paola García Vaquero. Ignacio Silva was the former financial vice president of the Real Madrid football club, as well as a builder. Alejandra moved to Madrid at the age of 4 and her upper-class family is reportedly close with many Spanish aristocrats.

She Worked as a Publicist

Silva took classes at Saint Louis and Mater Salvatoris school as a child. At age 15, Silva moved to Dorset, UK, where she completed her A-levels (the UK term for courses beyond the approximate age of 16). Then she studied marketing and advertising at a university in Spain and landed an internship with the Farm ad agency in 2005. She worked in publishing, sales, and marketing for a private firm in the airplane industry.

Silva Has Been an Activist for at Least 15 Years

In 2007, Silva and supermodel Karolina Kurkova worked together to promote the Beautiful Life Fund. The organization works to raise awareness of and assistance for homeless and distressed children, especially those afflicted by war and poverty. That was only the beginning of Silva’s humanitarian work. She has continued to dedicate her time and tithing to philanthropic projects ever since.

Silva helped the Real Madrid Football Club Foundation African Initiative Project in 2010. The project focused on providing sports to underprivileged children, many who come from African families. At one point, Silva was reportedly romantically linked to the Spanish football player Roberto Carlos. It’s presumed that she met Carlos via her father’s ties to the football club.

She Has a Son From Her Previous Marriage to Businessman Govind Friedland

In 2008, Alejandra Silva met Govind Friedland, the son of gold and copper mining magnate Robert Friedland and founder and executive chairman of GoviEx Uranium. Govind Friedland is reportedly extremely wealthy, with an estimated net worth of about $150 million (and a company worth much more than that). Silva and Friedland combined their entrepreneurial skills and purchased a house from Franco Zeffirelli and transformed it into a boutique hotel. The Hotel Villa Treville in Positani, Italy, along the Amalfi coastline of the Sorrentine Peninsula.

The couple married in 2012. In December of the same year, Silva and Friedland welcomed their first and only child together, son Albert.

Alejandra Silva and Richard Gere Have Known Each Other for a Long Time

According to Hola! Magazine, Richard Gere is a longtime family friend of Alejandra Silva’s family. But the two didn’t really hit it off until many years later. Asked about the details of their first meeting, Silva told El Mundo that they met “through my family. He is a friend from a long time ago. As the Buddhists say, we have known each other for many lifetimes.”

They Re-Met at Silva’s Hotel in 2014

Gere and Silva re-met in 2014 at Silva’s hotel after a mutual friend introduced them. At the time, Gere was freshly divorced from actress and model Carey Lowell, with whom he shares a son, Homer (born 2000). The two are said to have had an immediate connection, which overlapped a bit with Silva’s divorce from Friedland. Her divorce wouldn’t finalize until late 2015, but she and Gere were spotted together earlier that summer.

Silva and Gere Went Public in 2015

Alejandra Silva and Gere first started riling up the paparazzi after she accompanied him to the 61st Annual Taormina Film Festival in Sicily in June 2015. Shortly after, they were seen kissing each other on the beach of Taormina. Gere was 65 at the time and Silva was 32, but their chemistry was obvious. They continued a long-distance relationship until Silva moved to New York to be closer to her love.

They Married in 2018 and Have 2 Sons Together

In April 2018, Gere and Silva married in a secret ceremony. They welcomed their first child together, Alexander, in February 2019. Their second son was born in April of 2020, but they’ve kept his name secret. While they’ve maintained a strict shroud of privacy, Silva and Gere made baby #2’s announcement alongside the Dalai Lama.

Silva Is a Buddhist and Philanthropist

Alejandra Silva, like Richard Gere, is a Buddhist. With that comes a shared interest in humanitarian work, which is something that the socialite loves about her husband.

“What I love most about him is his humanitarian side,” Silva told Hola! (via People). “He’s a very empathetic person.” She was featured on the magazine’s cover in June 2016. Silva might not be an official model like Gere’s previous wives, but she’s certainly just as beautiful as one!

These days, Silva continues to do philanthropic work via the RAIS Foundation, which she co-founded in 2015. The organization works to eradicate poverty and homelessness in regions across Spain and around Madrid. Silva also celebrated official US citizenship in November of 2022.

Silva Loves All Living Creatures

Silva and Gere are raising their sons on a beautiful piece of property in Westchester County, New York (complete with many animals). Silva is also apparently a phenomenal chef and, when she’s not advocating for politics or humanitarian projects or sharing sweet snaps alongside her family, loves to prepare gorgeous meals. Sounds like a win for Gere!

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