Meet the latest man to go from a cell to the catwalk thanks to a smoldering mugshot Raleigh Police Department
Raleigh Police Department -- Mekhi Alante Lucky is the latest man to go from prison to fashion due to a flattering mugshot. He's signed with St. Claire Modeling agency.

Mekhi Alante Lucky could not have a more perfect name. Talk about good fortune.

The former convict likely had the luckiest day of his life when he was arrested in North Carolina on charges of speeding and driving a stolen vehicle in April 2016. His mugshot went viral thanks to Twitter account Wake Mugshots, which posts mugshots from Wake County, North Carolina, arrests and tweeted one out of Lucky, who has one blue eye and one brown eye as a result of a medical condition called heterochromia iridum, the New York Post reports.

Now Lucky has a thriving modeling career.

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“People stare at me all the time,” Lucky told The New York Post about his unique differing eye colors. “They say, ‘You’re beautiful.’ I’m not cocky about it, though.”

According to the Post, the New York- and Atlanta-based St. Claire Modeling agency “signed the 5-foot-10 North Carolina native with a 28-inch waist” to its special bookings board in August 2017. Just a few weeks after signing, Lucky debuted on the Helmut Lang catwalk. His recent gigs include a cover for fashion magazine Arena Homme+ and a shoot for Carine Roitfeld’s CR Fashion Book.

Not bad for a fellow whose rap sheet lists five charges from April to December of 2016: felony larceny of a motor vehicle, misdemeanor breaking or entering, misdemeanor assault on a female and two misdemeanor probation violations, according to the Post.

Luckily, his looks have bailed him out big time.

“I look for people with stand-out traits,” said St. Claire founder Demanti O’Bryant; the agency also represents a female model with heterochromia. “Mekhi naturally gets it. He feels comfortable and moves well in front of the camera.”

Lucky has made sure to steer clear of the law since getting free, and he says he’s putting his energy into his burgeoning career.

“I really enjoy it,” he told the Post. “I got a wonderful walk, and I didn’t even have to work on it.”

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Lucky is living in Raleigh, North Carolina, and has a girlfriend named Tionna, with whom he shares a 7-month-old daughter named Brooke.

However, the Post reports that the relationship could be in trouble.

“We’re not together right now, now that I think of it,” he said. “She called me the B-word over the phone the other day.”

Lucky isn’t the first fortunate guy whose mugshot took him from behind bars to the modeling runway. Jeremy Meeks, known as the “Hot Felon,” made a splash at a New York Fashion Week after being released from federal prison on a weapons charge.

Then there was Sarah Seawright, who got the nickname “Prison Bae” in 2016, though it doesn’t seem she landed any modeling gigs as a result. Later that year, Brianda Nayeli Ramirez’s flattering mugshot went viral after she was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon for allegedly slamming her car into her ex-boyfriend’s truck while shirtless, though she as reportedly wearing a bra. There’s been no word of a modeling career for her, either.

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