Melissa Gilbert Admitted to Emergency Room After Suffering A Bug Bite

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On Friday, Melissa Gilbert, 59, was hospitalized after a nasty insect bite. She posted two photos on Instagram and urged her followers to stay on top of their health and not ignore any bug bites that might seem harmless.

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In Recovery

“A Public Service Announcement: Well that was a fun night in the ER (she said with dripping sarcasm), “she captioned. “Two days ago a flying insect (not bee or wasp) bit my arm. By last night my arm was incredibly swollen, red and hot.”

“Called my dr @skincarelab he suggested we hightail it to the ER. I was gonna wait but @timbusfield said, ‘Absolutely not. We are going!’ After many tests I was diagnosed with an abscess and cellulitis.” 

“Got an IV of clindamycin, Benadryl and acetaminophen. It immediately started to get better. Still kept me up all night. Starting antibiotics, Benadryl and ibuprofen orally today,” Gilbert added.

Lessons Learned

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, Cellulitis, sometimes referred to as a staph infection, is a dangerous skin infection caused when bacteria enters a wound and goes deeply into the skin. 

“The lesson — take bug bites seriously! If it swells up like crazy (my whole upper arm was swollen!) don’t wait to get treated thinking ‘It’s just a little bite. How bad can it get?’ Go to your dr or urgent care or the ER. I’m serious!” she continued in the caption, adding a nod to her character from Little House on the Prairie. “Back in the days of #lauraingallswilder, this would’ve meant death or amputation. There’s treatment available.”

“So now I’m going to take my meds and rest like the good bunny I am,” the actress posted. “Stupid bug bite.🪳Special shoutout to @bonsecours hospital in Port Jervis, NY. Going back to bed now 😴💤🛌.”

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