John F. Kennedy airport in New York is one of the busiest airports in the United States, but on Saturday, it slowed to a crawl as the “bomb cyclone” hammered planes on the runway.

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At one point around midnight between Friday and Saturday, the wing of a China Southern aircraft clipped the tail of a Kuwait Airways aircraft, which resulted in damage to both planes, per a CBS New York report.

Like all of the areas that have been hit hard by this winter storm, the scene is absolutely wild. One video shows a plane on the runway looking like it’s trying to take off in a Siberian snowstorm — it’s hard to believe that the video was shot in New York.

Grounds crews are working overtime to try to get the runways cleared for the planes, and it’s a sight to behold.

ABC reports that at least a dozen planes are delayed at the airport. Passengers at the airport have been posting photos of the snow-covered tarmac to Twitter. On Friday, a flyer sent out this photo of a door covered almost to the handle in snow.

But, as bad as it might seem in New York, it’s even worse in Boston and nearby areas of Massachusetts where the roads have flooded and frozen, leaving residents cars stuck. If you find yourself caught anywhere in the northeast, we can only suggest that you hunker down until this bomb cyclone blows over — which should be some time next week.

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