Michael Irvin Destroys Sexual Misconduct Allegations With Video Evidence During Press Conference (Video)

Former Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin is fighting back allegations of sexual misconduct following his removal from the NFL network.

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We reported on Irvin being removed from the Super Bowl coverage back in February over allegations made by a woman he encountered at the Marriott hotel in Glendale, Arizona.

We also reported that Irvin has launched a $100 Million lawsuit against his accuser, and that multiple eyewitnesses claimed that nothing out of the ordinary occurred.

Now Irvin is fighting back even harder. Just days ago, he held a press conference with his lawyer to reveal the hotel security footage, completely vindicating Irvin.

See that full press conference below…

TMZ reports

In court documents filed last week, Marriott claims the woman said that during the conversation with Irvin, the former football player asked her “whether she knew anything about having a ‘big Black man inside of [her].'”

After the video was shown, Irvin denied making any such comment — saying, “I don’t speak like that. I’ve never spoken like that. I totally deny saying that.”

He added that their convo was simply about football and the TV shows that he’s on.

“We used to say in football, ‘The eye in the sky don’t tell no lie,'” he said. “It’s just the truth.”

McCathern, meanwhile, said he believes the video shows Irvin’s accuser was “happy as a lark” during their conversation. He speculated that another employee in the area may have been upset with her for communicating with Irvin while on the job.

“There’s no doubt from watching this, this woman is not offended,” McCathern said. “This is not a sexual assault. This isn’t sexual harassment. This isn’t sexual misconduct.”


Michael Irvin certainly isn’t one to shy away. The fact that he has been so bold in defending himself against these allegations is an example to men everywhere.

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