Mike Tyson Says Stallone Could Crush Schwarzenegger 

Stallone actually has boxing experience, while Schwarzenegger does not, Tyson noted.

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

We’ve witnessed Freddy vs. Jason and Godzilla vs. Kong — but who would win if the Terminator and Rocky Balboa fought?

In boxing parlance, Mike Tyson “weighed in” on the matter, saying Sylvester Stallone would beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in the ring. That’s because Stallone actually has experience in boxing, Tyson recently told Access Daily in an interview last week.

“Stallone really fought people before, he really actually boxes,” Mike Tyson said during a segment called Celebrity Fight Club. “I don’t know if Arnold actually fought before, but that should be an interesting match.”

Essentially Sports pointed out that Schwarzenegger once had an affair with Stallone’s ex-wife, Brigitte Nielsen. It apparently happened while Schwarzenegger and Nielsen shot the 1985 sword-and-sorcery film Red Sonja.

Mike Tyson, Pop Culture Champ

While Mike Tyson addressed various topics in the 10-minute clip, the one that most riled him up was Hulu’s new program Mike. The limited series is a biographical drama tracing his life and boxing career.

Mike Tyson used his conversation with Mario Lopez on the Access Hollywood spinoff to sound off on Hulu’s decision to run the program.

“I wanted everyone to know that the show that they made, ‘Mike’ from Hulu, I have nothing to do with it,” Mike Tyson said. “They never offered me any money. They never came to me to offer me anything to be involved… They stole my story and ran… I just can’t believe this.”

From a new podcast to an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to the notorious “airline punch” about four months ago, Mike Tyson appears to be everywhere these days.

On the other hand, the retired athlete also says he believes that his death is near.

Mike Tyson recently used a cane while walking from a car to a hotel room, according to TMZ. The tabloid website said sources chalked up the cane to a flare-up of the sciatica.

The 56-year-old boxing legend and pop-culture icon bared his soul in an emotional conversation with his therapist. The discussion, also featuring DJ Whoo Kid, appeared during the July 13 episode of Tyson’s podcast, Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson.

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