Minimum Wage Increased in 23 States

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The economy has been pretty lousy over the past several years, but now there’s more of a reason to work in 23 states and Washington, D.C. It’s what is known as “more money.”

Per the Economic Policy Institute, more than eight million minimum-wage employees received a pay raise, which began on New Year’s Eve.

The biggest increase came in Nebraska, which will be raising the minimum wage by $1.50 an hour per year, hitting $15 an hour in 2026.

Michigan saw the smallest increase but could be up to $13.03 an hour before too long, per Michigan Public Radio.

Minimum Wage Increased in 23 States

Some states that raised the minimum wage did so in smaller increments, around 25 cents an hour. Other spots, such as DC and Washington state have set the minimum wage at $16.10 and $15.74 per hour. respectively.

These are nice raises when you consider other states haven’t increased minimum wage for a decade. For instance, New Hampshire has stayed at $7.25 for at least 10 years and intends to stay there. This is despite the fact the rest of New England is expected to increase the minimum wage to more than $13 per hour, this year.

Overall, though, it’s good news for those who work unsung but often important minimum-wage jobs.

“These increases — including those prompted by automatic inflation-linked adjustments, state law triggers, and legislative action — will benefit workers nationwide, from rural states such as South Dakota to coastal urban states like New Jersey,” relayed EPI. “Most of the affected workers (54.9%) are age 25 or older, and nearly half (44.8%) work full time.”

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